The Cayman Heart Foundation (CHF) continues to make strides in promoting heart health awareness and providing crucial screenings to the community. On 25 February 2024, the CHF conducted cardiac health screenings at a health fair organized by the Savannah Seventh Day Adventist Church, reaffirming its commitment to the well-being of people in the Cayman Islands.

Facilitated by a team of dedicated health professionals, a total of 69 individuals participated in the heart health screening event. Among them, 10 individuals, representing approximately 14.5% of those screened, were flagged for further evaluation, emphasizing the importance of early detection and intervention in managing cardiac health.

Earlier this month the CHF opened a community health centre at 10 Pasadora Place, Smith Road in George Town, where anyone can receive complimentary cardiac health screenings. Since its opening, 10 individuals have benefited from screenings, underscoring the foundation’s dedication to ensuring access to essential healthcare services for all. During the screenings, those over 16 will undergo assessments for weight and BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels, and consultations with healthcare professionals.

“Our mission at the Cayman Heart Foundation goes beyond just providing screenings; it’s about empowering individuals to take charge of their heart health,” said Maureen Cubbon, board chairperson of the Cayman Heart Foundation. “Through our community centre and programs, we aim to create a culture of proactive cardiac care and support.”

As Heart Month draws to a close, the Cayman Heart Foundation reiterates its unwavering commitment to enhancing cardiovascular health across the region. Beyond February, CHF remains dedicated to its mission of educating the public, influencing policy, and facilitating access to high-quality care through a diverse range of programs and initiatives.

Individuals interested in scheduling a free cardiac health screening at the CHF community centre can make an appointment by emailing or calling +1 (345) 746-1490.